Myla Leinweber

PCI Certified Parent Coach

Parent Educator

B.Ed, M.Ed

Mom of Two

Helping parents find more ease, confidence and joy in their parenting.  

“Myla is well researched, evidenced based, and has a depth of life and work experience that makes her especially valuable as a guide.”

I’m Glad You Are Here

If you...

  • Wonder if you are “doing parenting” right
  • Feel guilty after your interactions with your kids
  • Are out of strategies (or are saying, what strategies?)


  • Have read parenting books and thought, “that’s good in theory, but what about MY kid?”
  • Don’t have patience or energy for parenting


  • Are NOT on the same page with your partner in parenting 

  • Want to provide better parenting for your child than you had

You are in the right place 

“This was absolutely the best use of my time for managing my family's struggles that I have tried.  I've met with therapists for my child, done online courses, met with the pediatrician and teachers.  I've read parenting books and worked through online parenting workbooks. I've tried so many things.”

Hey I’m Myla, parent coach and educator for families with young children

I’ve been studying child development, education and parenting for years. I have a PCI certification (Master’s level parent coaching program), B.Ed, M.Ed, am a former kindergarten teacher and mom of two young children. 


I help people emerge from the struggles of parenting to discover what they want and how to get it. 


When I was a new parent, I had all the information and the formal education, but then there was the reality of parenting. At first I wasn’t sure how to apply all the information into real life because I lacked the small actionable steps that would help me become the kind of parent I wanted to be.

I longed for a space where I could take a break from the daily doldrums of parenting and get guidance to figure out what kind of parent I wanted to be and how to be that parent for my child.

I wanted to feel confident to make decisions that were right for my kids and family.

Through my own experience, 4 years of parent coaching, and extensive education I’ve been able to feel more at ease in my own parenting and help hundreds of other parents do the same.

Free PDF: Creating a Good Parent Definition

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